Railway vehicles

The Design Protection System (DPS) combines design and protective films. It can be used to design and simultaneously remove vandalism damage caused by graffiti, in a speedy and cost-effective manner.

Thanks to our experience in the field of wraps for railway vehicles, we supply high-quality products and work closely with our customers. We provide assistance from the start of the project until the end in order to ensure that every aspect is executed to your satisfaction and that the best result is achieved.

Technical labels

individual Technical labels are always individual and are usually requested in small quantities
durable In order to maintrain durability, an additional anti-graffiti protective laminate is often affixed to the film.
very small quantities Very small quantities can be supplied at short notice.


marking Pictograms are used to mark special areas in bothinterior and exterior areas.
tactile Most signs are additionally provided with Braille an tactile lettering for the visually impaired.
phosphorescent The use of fluorescent films is necessary to ensure the safety of passengers in an emergency.

Corporate design

image Various options are available for designing a company’s visual image. Our work focuses on the use of plotted and cut-out coloured films or digitally printed films in every conceivable form.
laminate In order to preserve the durability of the lettering, we use various protective laminates, such as anti-graffiti laminate.

Glass protection

safety Film can be used to protect against vandalism damage caused by scratches or graffiti on glass and is a cost-effective alternative for interior and exterior areas.
replacement If the pane is scratched, the glass does not have to be replaced at great expense – replacing the film will make the glass look like new again.
sun protection Sun protection films can be bonded to glass panes either alone or in combination with glass protection films. These films provide optimum protection against heat and UV radiation.


modernisation Total modernisation (redesign) of railway vehicles includes full-surface adhesive films bonded on the interior walls, as well as glass protection films, pictograms and technical labels.
installation Besides the production of specially cut films, we also provide professional installation.

Floor design

markings In addition to the classic pictograms on side walls, stickers and markings on the floor are extremely important as a means of demarcating certain areas in railway vehicles. They attract immediate attention.
safety It would be hard to imagine public institutions without floor design. Along with its function of marking and providing information, an anti-skid surface is another important aspect for safety. Tested and certified laminates in accordance with DIN 51130 and DIN 51131 are available for this purpose.

Table design

safety Table films are used not only for information, advertising and entertainment, as can be seen in the photograph, but also provide protection against vandalism such as scratching or smearing.