Public institutions

Our Design Protection System is also used in public buildings. We can offer a wide range of film applications as a result of specific adaptations to the special features of this infrastructure. We constantly endeavour to focus on design and protection in this field as well.


We affix coloured design films or protective films on signboards, walls, machines – and much more, according to your wishes.


orientation Signboards are used for orientation and signposting.
can be renewed Existing signboards can be individually renewed with film cut-outs (fonts or numbers) and simultaneously protected against vandalism damage in combination with a protective laminate.
installation Apart from the modernisation of signboards, we can manufacture new signboards of all kinds for you, and also take care of the installation.


marking Pictograms are suitable for marking special areas in both interior and exterior areas and for orientation.
tactile Many signs are additionally provided with Braille and tactile lettering for the visually impaired.

Design of automated machines

design Automated pay machines and ticket machines can be provided with a customer-specific design using coloured films.
protective films In addition, these automated machines can be protected against vandalism damage (scratches or graffiti) by using various protective films.

Glass protection

cost-effective Film can be used to protect against vandalism damage caused by scratching or graffiti on glass and is a cost-effective alternative for both interior and exterior areas.
can be replaced If glass panes are scratched, they do not have to be replaced at great expense – replacing the films will make the glass look like new again.
sun protection In addition to glass protection films, sun protection films can also be bonded to the glass panes.

Wall design

eye-catching Drab walls can be quickly and durably made attractive using individually printed films or special effect films. Your corporate identity can also be conveyed.
façade The condition of the wall does not make much difference in this process. Flat surfaces such as concrete or façade elements can be covered with adhesive.

Floor design

attention In addition to the classic pictograms on the side walls, stickers and markings on the floor play a very important role in demarcating certain public areas. They attract immediate attention.
DIN Standard Floor designs are often used in public spaces, so it is essential to ensure that the film has an anti-skid surface. For this purpose, the stickers are provided with a tested and certified laminate in accordance with DIN 51130 and DIN 51131.