Glass industry

Glass can be enhanced in various ways using film. This ranges from protection against scratches, UV protection films or even glass that can generate electricity. As a long-standing partner of the glass industry, we have already implemented many projects using films and have a high level of expertise.

Invisible protective films are affixed to protect glass surfaces from harmful external influences. If there is serious damage caused by vandalism, the glass pane is prevented from shattering and the risk of injury is reduced.

Sun protection

UV protection Film can be used to protect glass against direct UV rays from the sun.
clear The view to the outside is not dimmed.
retrofitting Glass in existing buildings can easily be retrofitted with sun protection film, which not only has a positive effect on the interior temperature, but also protects the fixtures in the rooms from UV rays.

Glass protection

safety Film can be used to protect against vandalism damage caused by scratching or graffiti on glass and is a cost-effective alternative for both interior and exterior areas.
easy If the pane is scratched, the glass does not have to be replaced at great expense – replacing the film will make the glass look like new again.


decorative In addition to discretion, a privacy film can also be used as a decorative window pane or display window for advertising and information purposes.
individual Privacy films are individually styled and are available in various designs – frosted, glittering, sandblasted or coloured.

Solar film

photovoltaic The self-adhesive solar film is based on organic hydrocarbons. It is therefore an aspect of organic photovoltaics.
integrable The main advantage of this technology is that it can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures.
adaptable It can be bonded in various shapes and sizes to glass panes, façade elements or even to the roofs of vehicles.