Digital printing

Due to its flexibility, digital printing is particularly suitable for short runs and individual designs. It is also very robust and can withstand external weather conditions when used in combination with protective laminates.

Whether you require a single printout or a large print run, in b/w or in colour, we can produce your desired motif in many formats from adhesive film and other materials, using the digital printing and plot cutting process.

General digital printing

wide varietyOur machinery enables us to produce a wide variety of printed products up to a width of 1.60 m using the digital printing process.
4C & 8CDigital printing can be carried out in the 4c and 8c printing systems. Posters of excellent quality can be printed in these systems very quickly.
special colourLight inks and orange ink in particular can be used to provide more versatile options for the production of signboards, high-end displays and decorations.

Business Cards

advertising mediaBusiness cards are an important advertising medium for business partners during initial contact.
designWe print and design visiting cards according to customer requirements.


markingMarking an object or an area is important. It is used for orientation and also for advertising purposes.
single print runIndividual signboards can be produced as single print runs.
protective laminateA protective laminate is used here as protection against the weather and vandalism damage.