Commercial properties

A company’s properties represent the company in a significant way and convey a lot of information about the company. Buildings can be individually designed using films and a corporate identity can be conveyed to the outside world.

We manufacture flags, signboards, posters, whiteboards, banners and much more, each with its own individual design.


signpost Signboards are used for orientation and signposting. The billboard is an especially expressive medium for conveying an advertising message.
individual The base used here can be individually covered with self-adhesive film. For example, Alucobond can be used as the base. It can be used for a wide range of outdoor applications.
safety Existing signboards can be individually renewed with film cut-outs (fonts or numbers) and simultaneously protected against vandalism damage in combination with a laminate.
modernisation Apart from the modernisation of signboards, we can manufacture new signboards of all kinds for you, and also take care of the installation. A protective laminate is used here for long-term weather protection.


marking Pictograms are suitable for marking special areas in both interior and exterior areas and are used for orientation.
Braille Many signs are additionally provided with Braille and tactile lettering for the visually impaired.
phosphorescent Phosphorescent films can be used to ensure the safety of employees in an emergency.


wipeable Inscriptions on whiteboards can always be rewritten using wipeable markers.
printable By using this transparent film, a map of the world in an office or at a meeting table can be transformed into a whiteboard for your employees.
formats We can supply you with different sizes. The design can be customised in accordance with your wishes.

Sun protection

UV protection Film can be used to protect glass against direct UV rays from the sun.
clear The view to the outside is not dimmed.
indoor temerature Glass in existing buildings can easily be retrofitted with sun protection film, which not only has a positive effect on the interior temperature, but also protects the fixtures in the rooms from UV rays.

Wall design

beautified Drab walls can be quickly and durably made attractive using individually printed films or special effect films. Your corporate identity can also be conveyed.
surface The condition of the wall does not make much difference in this process. Special films can be affixed to surfaces such as concrete, stone walls or façade elements.

Façade logo

design Façade logos convey the corporate design of a company to the outside world.
sizes We manufacture façade logos in various sizes and shapes for both exterior and interior use.
area of application Depending on the area of application, we select materials that are weather-resistant and highly durable.

Floor markings

safety In addition to the classic pictograms on side walls, stickers and markings on the floor are extremely important as a means of demarcating certain areas in railway vehicles. They attract immediate attention.
DIN standardised Floor designs are often used in public spaces, so it is essential to ensure that the film has an anti-skid surface. For this purpose, the stickers are provided with a tested and certified laminate in accordance with DIN 51130 and DIN 51131.