The Design Protection System is available not only for railway vehicles. Buses must be converted to ensure wheelchair accessibility by 2022. Many of the aspects necessary in this regard can be implemented using films and retrofitting. We offer individual concepts ranging from simple Braille lettering to designing a high-contrast passenger entrance/exit area.

Regardless of whether a bus or a fleet requires full or partial design – the extent of the bus stickers can be planned flexibly and always depends on your personal wishes and ideas.


handicapped-accessiblePublic transport should be made accessible to everyone.
high-contrastPassenger entrance/exit areas of a bus can be marked with high-contrast films for persons with disabilities.
tactileThe use of pictograms with Braille and tactile lettering at seat height will also be mandatory.


markingPictograms are suitable for marking special areas in both interior and exterior areas and are used for orientation.
BrailleMany signs are additionally provided with Braille and tactile lettering for the visually impaired.
safetyPhosphorescent films can be used to ensure the safety of passengers in an emergency.

Corporate design

imageVarious options are available for designing a company’s visual image. Our work focuses on the use of plotted and cut-out coloured films or digitally printed films in every conceivable form.
durabilityIn order to preserve the durability of the lettering, we use various protective laminates, such as anti-graffiti laminate.

Glass protection

safetyFilm can be used to protect against vandalism damage caused by scratches or graffiti on glass and is a cost-effective alternative for interior and exterior areas.
replacementIf the pane is scratched, the glass does not have to be replaced at great expense – replacing the film will make the glass look like new again.
sun protectionIn addition to glass protection films, sun protection films can also be bonded to the glass panes.

Floor design

demarcationIn addition to the classic pictograms on side walls, stickers and markings on the floor are extremely important as a means of demarcating certain areas in railway vehicles. They attract immediate attention.
anti-skidFloor designs are often used in public spaces, so it is essential to ensure that the film has an anti-skid surface. For this purpose, the stickers are provided with a tested and certified laminate in accordance with DIN 51130 and DIN 51131.