Our slogan:
Solutions that connect

That’s an unwieldy slogan, but allow us to explain. We firmly believe that finding solutions always requires an intensive interchange between all participants. This applies to our customers and also to us internally. Effective solutions to complex challenges can be found only through good communication and by taking the various perspectives and expertise into account. Needless to say, our expertise lies in the field of films. We strive to find good solutions for our customers that will connect us with them in the long term.

Our vision

Our aim is to become the leading manufacturer and processor of self-adhesive films for manufacturers and operators of vehicles in the railway and bus sector. We provide technical and competent advice on the use of films in and on railway vehicles and for public infrastructure. We offer all kinds of film-related solutions from a single source for this purpose and impress our customers in Germany, Poland, Austria and Switzerland with superior quality.

“Creating designs and protection from vandalism (not just) for trains.”

In order to achieve this goal, we would like to grow sustainably by expanding and increasing our range of products, and also supplement and continuously improve our services. While doing so, we are focusing not only on the manufacturers and operators of railway vehicles – where we are already well on our way to becoming the market leader in terms of quality – but also on providers of transit advertising, planning offices for commercial properties, and manufacturers and operators of heavy goods vehicles.
We want all our customers to be able to rely on us at all times, because we are down-to-earth and consistent and yet have a keen eye for innovative solutions.

Our drive

A long-term customer relationship is a great vote of confidence and trust in our work. However, we can gain the trust of our customers only if we always execute each and every order with the highest quality and reliability. This is the only way in which we can be successful in the market.

We do not offer standard solutions

S+L Selbstklebeprodukte GmbH manufactures film applications for industry. The diversity of the films and the numerous fields where such films are used motivate us to find individual solutions for our customers.

Working together for a solution

It is our goal to build long-term customer relationships. We believe that we can achieve this through high quality and application-specific solutions.

Experience and consulting

We contribute our experience to provide our customers with products that are functional and durable.


We place great importance on mutual appreciation in our company. Likewise, we respect and appreciate our customers and expect the same from them.

Corporate Philosophy